Here are the slides from our webinar on February 1, 2016. Click here to download the slides.

You can find more about Google Finance on this Google help page. Here is a good article from Investopedia on using Yahoo Finance.

We showed several examples of Google Sheets. You can download the examples, save them to your Google account, and adopt them for your own use. The complete list Google Finance functions can be found here.  Here is a good article on using the Google financial function. Example 1 shows how they work.

We also mentioned two exceptional on line services. Here are links to these services and descriptions of their missions.

Manifest Investing. “The mission of Manifest Investing is to dramatically simplify the world of investing and to transform the experience of individual investors into something less mysterious, less stressful and more successful.”

Stock Rover. Its mission is “to empower investors of all levels to make better investment decisions by offering a comprehensive, accessible, and affordable stock research platform.”