The Model Investment Club of Northern Virginia (MicNOVA) is sponsored by the DC Chapter of BetterInvesting and the Fairfax County Public Library in Virginia. The club maintains a real money portfolio using the BetterInvesting principles. We teach individuals and club members about investing. All are welcome to attend and learn about investing.

BetterInvesting is a national non-profit organization dedicated to investment education. Volunteers are held to a strict code of conduct that precludes benefiting financially from educational presentations or public activities via any BetterInvesting programs, events and/or educational sessions in which they participate. See

The Model Investment Club follows BetterInvesting principles, which include these four guidelines when investing:

  • Invest a set amount regularly regardless of market conditions.
  • Reinvest all dividends and capital gains for compound growth.
  • Buy reasonable priced growth stocks – companies with sales and earnings that are increasing at a rate faster than industry.
  • Diversify – invest in different industries and different size companies.

Disclaimer:  Information about stocks on the MicNOVA web site or discussed at the meetings is not intended to be a recommendation to buy or sell. Investors should conduct their own review and analysis before making an investment decision.