The holdings of the MICNOVA portfolio are listed below. There are several different ways to view a portfolio. If you follow the links, you will find stock selection guides and additional information about the companies.

  • Here is a current valuation report using the club accounting software on It shows the current value of each holding. (Note: to access this link you must log on as a MicNOVA club member log on
  • Here is a spreadsheet that shows our current holdings.
  • Finally, here is a portfolio dashboard from Manifest Investing. This summary show projected average return (PAR), quality rating, and the relative weighting of each stock. Manifest Investing uses Value Line and other data to calculate PAR and quality. As we manage our portfolio, our goal is to maintain a high quality portfolio with a high projected average return.

We look closely at revenue growth and profit margins to get projected average return. Manifest Investing also calculates “quality” rating (from 0-100) using a combination of financial strength and comparison of the company’s growth and profitability with its industry.